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Product Description

Welcome to TECHCOR


Steel Wire Rope, Steel Cables and Wire Rope Fittings..


TechCor is part of Biggest European Manufacturer of stainless steel and galvanized wire ropes and cables. Techcor  have focused on providing high quality wire ropes backed with an enthusiastic approach to customer service which in itself, forms an integral part of our company ethos.
TechCor are proud to offer an extensive product range of wire ropes, cables and fittings for a variety of markets including: Construction, Offshore rigging, The Marine Industry and Ministry of Defence divisions


Load Certificates / Certificates of Conformity Where Applicable.

Fork & Self Assembly

Fork & Fork Rigging
Screw (Open Body)

Fork & Swage Turnbuckle

Fork & Self Assembly
Fork & Fork Turnbuckle Eye & Eye Turnbuckle Rigging Screw Body Hook & Eye Turnbuckle
Hook & Hook Turnbuckle Jaw & Jaw Turnbuckle Jaw & Jaw Rigging Screw - MT Form Swage Stud & Swage Stud Rigging Screw



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Self Assembly Eye Self Assembly Fork Self Assembly Eye - Long Self Assembly Stud 
- UNF Thread
Self Assembly 
Stay Connector
Self Assembly Toggle Fork Self Assembly Stud - Long Self Assembly Toggle Fork 
- Long
Self Assembly Eye Self Assembly Machined Fork Self Assembly Stud Fork Terminal - External Thread
Self Assembly Fork Terminal Eye Terminal - External Thread Dome Head Terminal - Internal Thread       Self Assembly  Stay Connector




Lifting Shackles - D Type

Bow Shackle D Shackle

90° Twist Shackles

Screw-Pin Shackles

Captive Locking Screw-Pin Shackles

Safety-Pin Web Sling Shackles

Cotter Pin Shackles with Two Connectors 

Cotter Pin Shackles with Two Connectors

Cotter Pin Shackles with Two Connectors

Heavy Duty Shackles

Pin-Release Clevis Shackles


Rigging & Thimbles


Swivel Jaw & Jaw Swivel Eye & Jaw Swivel Eye & Eye Diamond Pad Eye with Ring
Wire Rope Grip - Din 741 type Round Eye Plate - Welded Round Eye Plate - Thread Stud Wire Rope Thimble



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Grab Hooks with Clevis

Grab Hooks with Eye

Grab Hooks with Clevis and
Securing Pin

Grab Hooks with Clevis

Clevis Hooks

Eye Hooks

Oversized Eye Hooks with Swivel

Clevis Hooks with Spring

Threaded-Stud Hooks with Spring

Clevis Hooks with Spring-Close Locking Latch

Pin-Release Clevis Shackles

Snaps with Trigger-Release Latches on Both Ends


Wire Rope Grips


Galvanised Wire Rope Grips Galvanised Wire Rope Grips (without grooves) Commercial Wire Rope Grips Fist Grip Wire Rope Clips




DIN 582 Type Eye Nut DIN 580 Type Eye Bolt Eye Bolt - Wood Thread Eye Bolt - Metric Thread


Wire Rope & Accessories                                        

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Wire Rope

High-Strength Wire Rope

Wear-Resistant Wire Rope

Flexible Wire Rope

Wire Rope with Eye

Wire Rope with Stop

Wire Rope with Hook

Adjustable Chain Slings

Sleeve Compressed Sleeve Hydraulic Compression Tool Hydraulic Bench Compression Tool

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Product Features and Benefits

Fixing, Fastening and Support Products

Electrical Fixing and Fastening
Datacom and Low Voltage
Acoustical, Ceiling and Partitioning
HVAC, Plumbing and Refrigeration
Fire Sprinkler


  • Push/pull keyless release allows easy adjustments
  • Range includes solutions for both 1.5 mm and 2 mm cables as well as larger 3 mm cables for higher load applications
  • Low-profile locking device minimizes visual impact
  • Cable spread of 90 degrees allows positioning the device closer to the load
  • Keyless release tubes are easy to operate while wearing gloves
  • Double-sided locking mechanism enables simple height adjustment
  • Individual packaging holds wire rope neatly until objects are ready to install
 Angle Bracket
 Shot-Fire Bracket
 Decking Hook
Hammer-On Flange Clip


 Threaded Stud End
 Wedge Anchor



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Body Styles

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Head Styles

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