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HELICOIL® Locknuts

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Product Description

HELICOIL® locknuts

Special nuts with screw lock

HELICOIL® locknuts are one-piece fasteners because the nut is connected to the HELICOIL® screwlock thread insert.


Locking of the screw is achieved by one or several polygonal-shaped threads on the HELICOIL®. These threads clamp the flanks of the screwed-in screw; the result is an elastically resilient frictional locking. The achieved locking torques can be compared to the indications in ISO 2320.


The most important benefits at a glance

  • Screw-locking in the thread
  • Elastically acting screw lock
  • Constant thread friction
  • High temperature resistance
  • Uniform load and stress distribution
  • High repeat screwing-unscrewing cycles

Product types:-

Different nut body geometries available

Hexagon Nut 

Nut with Integrated Washer

Collar Nut 


Square nut

Cap Nut

Weld Nut




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