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IMTEC- Moulded inserts for plastics

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Product Description

IMTEC® Moulded inserts for plastics

Highly wear-resistant thread inserts for in-moulding

IMTEC® refers to the „In-Moulding TEChnology“ and describes the in-moulding of metal thread inserts with plastics before ejection.


IMTEC® – The joining solution for the in-moulding technology

  • Inserting of wear-free and resilient metal threads in high-quality plastics
  • Generation of blind hole threads or through hole threads, depending on customer components
  • Combining specific advantages of the different materials
  • Plastic-metal components provide for advantages such as reduced weight, improved corrosion resistance and component cleanliness
  • IMTEC® moulded inserts are particularly suitable for thermoset and thermoplastic materials


Component cleanliness, weight reduction, improved corrosion protection

IMTEC® CO cross section

IMTEC® CO cross section

In many fields of application, in-moulding of metal fasteners with plastics is the solution.

IMTEC® moulded inserts are benefiting of the advantageous synergy effect of high strength metals in combination with plastics.

IMTEC® CF cross section

IMTEC® CF cross section

IMTEC® moulded inserts are placed into the mould manually or by means of a handling system. Only the core pins of the injection mould have to be geometrically adapted to the IMTEC® moulded inserts.

Product types:-



Thread inserts of asymmetric rolled stainless steel A2, which is coiled to a fixed bushing with one flange-type extension.

  • Magnetic despite of stainless steel: Magnetisation of components due to the forming process and therefore fixation on the core pin
  • Residual dirt minimasation
  • Weight reduction of the component
  • Maximum usable thread length



Thread inserts with “double flange” produced from steel by cold forming.

  • Deformation area allows precisely adjusting of the thread inserts length according to the mould dimension
  • No metal-cutting operation
  • Very large flange diameters possible

Our IMTEC® product catalogue provides more information about our thread inserts.


Fields of application

IMTEC® CO – plastic handle / IMTEC® CF – plastic component

plastic handleplastic component

The IMTEC® moulded inserts are used in many fields of applications:

  • Medical technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Plastics technology
  • Electrics, electronics
  • Fluid technology


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