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  • Range: M5 to M56
  • Stainless Steel A2-70, A4-70, A4-80
  • Grade: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 2 H, 2 HM
  • Finish: Black Oxide, Zinc Plating, Hot Dip Galvanized

DIN Standards :-


Precision Technology Supplies, as one of the largest distributors of nuts and bolts in Europe, have huge stocks of stainless steel pins in both Metric to DIN specifications and Imperial sizes to ANSI/ASME specifications. All are available to buy now online. 

Dowel pins are solid cylindrical pins used for precise locating devices in machinery. They are precision manufactured to tight tolerances and the corresponding holes are usually reamed. In the car industry dowels are used when precise component alignment is required, such as in differential gear casings, engines, and transmissions. Our range is the largest in Europe and starts at just 1.0mm diameter or 1/16" for our imperial range and available in both A2 and A4 stainless materials. 

Spring pins (also known as roll pins or tension pins) are self retaining hollow pins that secure two or more parts of machine relative to each other together . They have a body diameter that is larger than the hole diameter, and a chamfer on at least one end to facilitate starting the pin into the hole. The spring action of the pin allows it to compress to the diameter of the hole. The radial force exerted by the pin against the hole wall retains it in the hole. The PTS range starts at just 1.0mm diameter in metric and 1/16" in imperial and manufactured in 301 grade stainless steel. 

Split pins (also known as cotter pins) are hairpin shaped retaining pins (a pin folded back on itself leaving a small loop at one end) that are inserted through several holes in one or more components. The protruding arms are then bent outwards to fasten the pieces together and to prevent them from working loose. Our stainless steel split pins range starts at 1.0mm diameter and is available in both A2 and A4 stainless materials. 

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