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  • Range: M5 to M56
  • Stainless Steel A2-70, A4-70, A4-80
  • Grade: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 2 H, 2 HM
  • Finish: Black Oxide, Zinc Plating, Hot Dip Galvanized

DIN Standards :-



Precision Technology Supplies, as one of the largest distributors of bolts and nuts in Europe, have comprehensive stocks of threaded rod in both Metric to DIN specifications and American UNC / UNF threads. All are available to buy here online. 

Allthread rods, commonly referred to as fully threaded rod, studding and sometimes abbreviated as "ATR" are used for general purpose fastening for anything from an anchor bolt to a through bolt. They are used extensively in chemical, food, medical, maintenance, machinery and agriculture industries where corrosion resistance is required. Care must be taken if substituting a headed bolt for threaded bar and nuts because there will usually be a reduction in strength. 

Our two ranges of engineering studs (also known as a stud bolt or double ended stud) are essentially round metal bars threaded at both ends. They are extensively used for internal combustion engine cylinder blocks. The cylinder head is generally fastened to the cylinder block using studbolts. The studs are fitted onto tapped holes in the block. The projecting studs are convenient guides for locating the correct holes in the cylinder head. The head is then fastened down using nuts. This type of assembly is also used for special flanges, tank lids, pressure vessel inspection covers and car wheels. With stud fastening, the nut has the ability to "float" and adjust on the nut end threads, which is not possible on a bolt. When fastening into a deep tapped hole this feature becomes even more important. 

PTS have the largest range of American Threaded (UNC / UNF) threaded bar in 36inch lengths on the shelf starting at just 2un diameter which we supply to both European distributors and engineering companies worldwide. We have the facility to tailor make stainless steel studs in most sizes so if you don't see the threaded studs you need online then please call us on +44 (0) 1342 410758 or email us at